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IEEE-1588 Solutions

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IEEE-1588 Solutions: PTPv2 Precision Time Protocol

Product Image IEEE-1588 Solutions

Overview: IEEE-1588 Solutions

IEEE 1588 Grandmaster

MEINBERG Grandmaster Clocks supports PTP version 2 and delivers nanosecond time and frequency synchronization for your network environment.

Our Grandmaster Clocks not only provides a highly accurate source of synchronization for PTP clients (“slaves” like the PTP270PEX). They additionally introduces the absolute time (“current time of day”) to your PTP networks.

PTPv2 Time Server

IEEE 1588 Slaves

Meinberg Slave Clock devices simplifies a migration towards PTP/IEEE 1588-2008 by providing a wide range of legacy time synchronization outputs. The Slave Clocks are synchronized by a PTP Grandmaster and can be used as a time source for equipment that requires IRIG, PPS, 10MHz or E1 telecom carrier signals.

PTPv2 Clients